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Computer when Wi-Fi router

Computer when Wi-Fi router At the moment the internet data pack of the cellphone or tab is out of the box, it is a great read. If you want then you can share the internet connection from your computer to other devices.

This can be done by converting a computer running Windows 7 operating system to a mobile hotspot. In that case, the computer will act as a Wi-Fi router. This way you can share cellular data from your computer over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and even cellphone networks. To do this, follow the steps below on a computer running Windows 7.

Click the Start button. Then select Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile hotspot. Click on the Share my Internet connection from the option to select the Internet connection you want to share.

Select Edit. Enter a new network name and password. Now click on the save icon. Turn on the Share my Internet connection with other devices option.

Now if you want to connect to this internet connection via Wi-Fi on other devices then go to Wi-Fi settings on this device. Then find the name of your network and select it. Enter password Your device is connected to that Internet connection.

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