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Do you want to compete with the logo

Do you want to compete with the logo Many freelancers prefer to compete rather than bid on projects. Freelancing job sites are also more interested in this.

Many of the advantages of competing. You do not have the opportunity to show your qualifications until you get a bid. Competition can be done by directly doing good work. In addition, the prize money for the competition is usually higher than the bid.

There are many types of competition. Each of them has two advantages and disadvantages. Suitable for each and every single one. Considering these, you can get good results by participating in a competition that fits you.

Open vs. Hidden Contest

The designs that other contestants submitted in the Open Competition can be seen. It is known from the rating given by the client which the logo is preferred. As a result, there is a clear sense of logo style on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can be designed to fit the client’s preferences and dislikes. Besides, if someone submits so good design that it is not possible to compete, then focus on the other competition instead.

On the other hand, the design of other competitors does not appear in the Hidden or Sealed Contest. Some sites are known to others, some sites are not known.

The benefit of the Hidden Contest is that you can’t create a better design by imitating another one of your ideas. These are more useful for those who are creative in creating something.

When a designer uses a stock image or duplicates another design, usually other designers capture it. The Hidden Contest does not have that opportunity. As a result, many use it as a starting point. Keep in mind that good stock art must be used at some point.

In this way, if you can design beautiful according to your own good ideas, then take part in the Hidden Contest.

Guaranteed vs. Non-Guaranteed Contest:

The client will be required to take one of the designs submitted by the Guaranteed Contest Finance Designer. In other words, some money has to be deposited in advance. If you don’t like design and don’t design it, then the money is shared with the best designers.

The guaranteed Design Contest is relatively safe. It is good to say that many of the guaranteed contests also do not take the design.

On the other hand, the non-guaranteed Contest Client may not. Job freelancing sites offer the opportunity to call for free competition. As a result, there are instances where the client invites competition at no cost, gathers ideas from the design submitted, then moves away without design. It’s a kind of cheating that often happens.

Some clients do not launch guaranteed content at will. They argue that the money that the job site has to pay will be given to the designer as a reward. He does not want to lose the prize money.

Generally consider, in this way, take part in the Guaranteed Contest, view the client’s profile while participating in the Non-Guaranteed Contest.

Less money vs. more money competition:

Each site has a contest prize money specified. 1 dollar somewhere 5 dollars. Many clients announce far more rewards than this. Naturally, designers are more interested in the number of rewards.

To put it this way, clients want to pay more because they want something extraordinary. If you find your work to be awesome, take part in it. The problem is that many of those who take part in it have been working for many years, leaving behind them to win prizes.

On the other hand, the contestants are less likely to take part in small prizes. Therefore, winning a prize may seem relatively easy.

Conditional competition:

Many clients put competition into other working conditions. A general condition is to design a business card with a logo. Or if you do one thing, you can get another job later.
Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the logo design contrast.

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