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Draw a drawing on a digital canvas

Draw a drawing on a digital canvas The class is going on, someone may be trying to carve out Sir, there are multiple compromises from the neighborhood. At the meeting, maybe someone is filling a book with a hijabi, there is no shortage of artistic people to enjoy it from the side. And when a true painter sits on the sidewalk, it is customary to fish! Certainly, this was the case when painters painted cave paintings in the past. For many years, many of the countries have been drawing with graphics tablets. Drawing it, new medium on it, interest in altogether is huge. An object such as a slate is written with a pen, no line is floating on the slate. But a nice picture is erupting on the front monitor – surprisingly. What exactly is a graphics tablet object? How do you draw or draw?

What is a graphics tablet?
Graphics tablets are also known by many more. Some say a drawing pad, some a pen tablet, or another called a digital artboard. Call by any name, the graphics tablet is the computer’s input device. That means the device functions like a keyboard or a mouse. As already known, graphics look like slate on a boy’s face. The work style is almost the same. The slate is written with chalk. And the graphics are written on the tablet board with a stylus pen. The digital signal on the board goes off on the computer, the picture is floating on the screen. That is, what you draw on the board will be seen on the computer screen. So you understand, if you can draw on paper, you will be able to draw on a graphics tablet. There are many types of graphics tablets again. Such as slate board and stylus package is called pen tablet. The pads that are screened on the drawing board are known as pen displays. And, quite independently, when the drawing pad is a computer, it is called a pen computer.

Why need
Very simple answer – draw a picture with a graphics tablet. You can also draw on paper or canvas, as well as stone. Graphics tablets like these mediums are also a medium. Just as the colors don’t give you pictures, the graphics tablet is just that. Pictures are painted using dyes, graphics tablets do the same. Many people think that digital art means the machine. Right misconception. The artist, the graphics tablet will act as a drawing material just like cotton. Overall, the graphics tablet will work great if you want to draw through digital. A great weapon especially for those who want to do decoration, comics, animation or any kind of design. The benefits are many. Significant among them are: time saves, mistakes can be corrected, paper-ink costs and diversification. Another great advantage is that the power of a computer is sufficient to run most graphics tablets.

Before buying a graphics tablet
It’s good to know some things. I talked to cartoonist Mehdi Haque about this. The drawing started with a paper pen. It’s been years since I’ve used graphics tablets. His experiences should be taken as advice –

১. Many people regret that my computer’s RAM is low, Photoshop is the older version, it is not, it is not…. Remember, the computers used by artists at the beginning of digital art were much lower than any smartphone today. As a result, most of the market cannot be painted without the most up-to-date or expensive machine, you will be wrong.

2. It is good to have a graphics tablet. Even if you do not have to work through digital. Many people paint in Photoshop by scanning them with ink on paper. A graphics tablet doesn’t require a paper pen – that’s the difference.

৩. Many people think that large-scale graphics tablets have more benefits. Actually but vice versa. The smaller graphics tablets are rather comfortable in the drawing. The cost is less. Also good for carrying and maintenance. So you can start with a small tab.

৪. The sensitivity of the tab is more important than the size difference. That means good and bad calculations are the difference between how much pressure to put on the pen. In some tabs, the stylus is more pressing, less of any. Professional artists work for 3-4 hours or more a day. As a result, it is normal to have hand pain when working with high pressure. In that case, it is better to choose the tab that has higher sensitivity. However, since the newcomers do not draw for such a long time, there is no problem with the low sensitivity tab.

৫. Of all the world’s famous pictures, the number of digital paintings is extremely small. However, when the author writes the story, nobody asks, did you write the story in the paper or in Microsoft Word? Here is the story. Similarly, no matter how the picture is painted, it does not matter. Whether the picture was made or not, that’s a matter of watching. Many take the opportunity to copy and paste through digital. It creates confusion with digital media. So if you choose a digital medium for painting, then at the end of the day you have to be a true artist.

Where to find
BCS Computer City, Agargaon Dhaka, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in Panthapat

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