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Everything is software everywhere

Everything is software everywhere

Everything is software everywhere Now American tech company Amazon wants to be connected to everything. Their current identity stands for ‘Alexis’ company in everything. Alexa is Amazon’s artificial intelligence virtual assistant software. Alexa is pushing Amazon to make great strides in the smart home and hardware world. The software is increasing its direct relationship with the customer. This will make Amazon more successful in the future.

Last Wednesday, Amazon announced the new features of some new models of Echo devices and Alexa at their annual hardware announcement. Another US tech firm, Apple’s AirPods rival Echo Beds, was announced at the event. With this device, Alexa will come out of the smart home. This will be more effective than Siri or Google Assistant, a virtual assistant on Amazon.

Market analysts say Amazon’s new Smart Glass Echo Frames will be a potentially great product for Amazon in terms of wearable technology. Echo Frames will challenge Apple’s dominance in the world of wearable technology products.

Amazon currently has the opportunity to capture Google’s advertising market. But this time they will be able to use Alexa to tame Apple.

Alexa Voice Assistant has built-in Echo Frames. That is, you can talk to it anywhere, anytime. Like Snap’s Spectacle, there is no camera in the EcoFrames so it does not have the ability to take videos or pictures. Amazon sees this as a positive. The smart glass is less weight. Amazon Alexa Crowdsourced Answers Amazon is creating better answers with answers from everyday users. Of course, only invited people are getting it for $ 5 experimentally.

Analysts think Amazon should now move forward as artificial intelligence or AI-centered organization. Alexa can build Amazon’s bond with the world in this regard. What Alexa can do has already shown her ability. Multiple language support and the convenience of integrating it into smart security products have come. Alexa can go ahead with a collision with Google Assistant.

Products like EcoBuds and EcoFrames feature Alexa’s unique features in front of everyone. The opportunity to choose it as a companion on the go. When the person wearing the Echo Frames commands the Amazon Voice Assistant, those glasses will hear the appropriate response. For this, special microphones are added to the frame of the eco-frames. It is designed so that no one outside can hear it.

Google Assistant and Alexa are pulling in users as rivals to Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. While companies like Google are making efforts in the smartphone market, Amazon is moving towards creating products like Facebook’s portals.

According to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Amazon has been in a tough position for smart speakers. They occupy 5 percent of the market. Google is trying to catch up on Amazon. Baidu and Alibaba are also making efforts in China. But in the case of Smart Assistant, Amazon is now having a great time. Their software is moving from smart home to wearable tech and mobile sectors. The question is, who will stop Alexa in the era of 3G and IoT?

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