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Graphics design and freelancing

Graphic design is a popular profession at present. This work is both fun and creative at the same time. If you have the creativity and want to work independently, you can develop yourself as a freelance graphic designer. Due to the extensive workplace and high demand, the acceptance of a professional graphic designer is very high. To do outsourcing or product based work in graphic design, you need to learn the work of international quality graphics. If you want to establish yourself as an international quality designer, you have to go a long way, learn new art techniques.

There are many computer software in the current market for graphic design. But the most popular software among them is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. With this two software you can easily do all the graphic design. Let’s learn more about this two popular software.

Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a popular graphics editing software. The software is commonly known as Photoshop. The software was created by Adobe Systems. This is the most popular software in the organization. Thomas Noll and John Noll, two brothers named Thomas Noll and John Noll, started working on this software for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Photoshop was created for editing images used for primary printing. But with the spread of the Internet, Photoshop is widely used for editing pictures of the Internet. Photoshop’s digital drawing tools are digital. Many artists paint in Photoshop with the help of digital pens.

There are countless features of Photoshop that we can use to create different types of designs, add new things to the image, change the background, and make the image attractive with numerous color combinations.

Adobe Illustrator: Illustrator is the best software for creating any kind of vector graphic or image in Adobe Illustrator. So any type of vector graphic creation or editing can be done in Illustrator. Illustrator can be used in any design and text for print media use. The entire process of producing lasers or film output can also be done in Illustrator by color separation required for printing from making attractive posters, leaflets, brochures, book covers, etc. with a combination of text and graphic.

Illustrator has the advantage of performing any kind of editing and composition of text, from presenting the text attractively. Thus, various types, titles, company logos, banners, product wrappers, stickers, etc. can be made quality using Illustrator. You can also do any type of English or Bengali type and format using Illustrator.

Finally, to learn graphic design, you must first learn Photoshop and Illustrator. The reason is that you now understand very clearly.

If you know graphic design well you might think of making money, this is normal. You will be freelancing to make money doing graphic design work. Let’s not know what freelancing is.

Freelancing> Freelancing “free money”. It refers to working freely, not under a particular person or organization. Those who do such work are called freelancers. There is no fixed monthly salary allowance for this kind of work but there is freedom, there are opportunities for income as desired. That is why it is a convenient way for the income of independent people. In the modern era, most freelance work is done online. As a result, free professionals can earn their living from home. Many people earn more than the traditional job through this profession, but this is relative. Being an Internet-based job provides an opportunity to get acquainted with thousands of clients both locally and abroad.

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