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Make money to Sell pictures online

Make money to Sell pictures online

Make money to Sell pictures online . Whatever the drug or the profession, it is possible to earn extra income by selling good quality pictures online. Whether it is DSLR cameras and good mobile phone cameras, any image capable of meeting a specific website or customer needs is likely to be sold.

Photo Online Market

There are many marketplaces or websites for selling pictures online. Working conditions vary on different websites. Millions of pictures on each website are arranged according to the category for a display to the buyers. And the number of online picture buyers is not less. Photos can be sold in many marketplaces including shutter stock, i-stock photos, alumni, Fotolia (adobe stock), cardstock Getty images, Dreamtime.

Registration and Validation
Before selling the pictures on each website, you have to register by filling out the specific form. To verify the quality of the work, a specific number of pictures have to be submitted on the website or a portfolio can be created. Passed images are allowed to be displayed on the website after quality verification.

Who buys, why buys

Various corporate organizations, advertising agencies, the media, blogs, and online businesses mainly buy pictures for their use. All kinds of pictures can be sold. The content of the picture can be nature, travel, food, decoration, education, medical, movement, vehicles, machinery, social and family relations, etc. Different organizations require copyright-free pictures for institutional work. Google Image Search directly captures the image, which is likely to create a problem. That’s why they buy copyright-free images from the online marketplace, rather than taking pictures directly from Google.

How honorable is available

A portion of the money available for sale on various websites is given to the owner of the image as a reputable one. Websites sell pictures through various subscription packages. Package pricing is based on daily or monthly image counts. From 5 to 5 percent of the sale of images in various marketplaces or websites, the picture is given to the owner of the image. However, if a seller sells a specific image only on a specific website (exclusively), then you can get more reputations and if a certain image is sold on different websites (non-exclusively), then the amount of reputable can be reduced. Reputation is low, but if the picture is more than sales, it is possible to earn more from a certain marketplace.

Which should be kept in mind

It is best to keep the following points in mind before starting work.

  • Knowing the Marketplace Terms and Conditions Before Registering
  • To get an idea of ​​the quality and type of pictures by looking at the pictures available in various marketplaces
  • Be aware of image resolution and height-width ratio
  • Keeping the amount of light in the picture proper
  •  After purchasing the image, the buyer does not need too much editing, keep an eye on it
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  • What percentage will be available as an honorarium
  • How many days in a row can be withdrawn?
  • What is the minimum amount to be raised?
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