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Whether you're starting a real estate business or growing

Starting a real estate business

Whether you’re starting a real estate business or growing an existing business, you need to give some serious thought to your logo design.

Logo design is the core of marketing strategy for any business. It can be used to create an identity for the property business and project the desired image. As a Realtor or Property Professional, it is important that you first build great ideas on your clients and over time you focus on gaining a strong brand reputation. You want to be seen as a trusted and trusted firm to do business with, and a logo can certainly help shape customer appreciation for you.

In this article, we offer some tips and ideas on how you can get the logo design you need to represent your real estate company.

Different types of use

A realtor or property management logo can certainly fit a variety of purposes. It must be able to sign and shorten the features you have listed, making it look great by scaling it down to a size appropriate for a business card. You will feature your logo on many other printed marketing materials and possibly your vehicle as well. Simple logos in design are usually more effective and easier to scale.

General real estate logo image

Although plain text logos may work well for a realtor, it is more common for real estate logos to feature an image or symbol in conjunction with the text.

When it comes to choosing an image for your logo, you need to decide if you want to abstract an ‘obviously property related’ image or something else. It is common for real estate businesses to include images, shapes or silhouettes of homes and buildings so that people can automatically understand what their business is.

The problem with ‘explicit images’ is that they are used repeatedly, and you risk that your logo will look the same as all competitors. If your design is in harmony with other companies, you also run the risk of suing for trademark violations run The roof outline for residential real estate logos is truly clich├ęd and used in a city skyline commercial case. However, a great designer should be able to take over the used image and create a real spin on it that makes it look unique.

Alternatively, you can try using an image that is not directly related to the property. It can be an image of something that is a symbol of what your business is about or how you stand out from other market players.

Inspiration for the real estate business logo

One of the great ways to get inspiration for your real estate logos is to do a Google image search for the term ‘real estate logo’. It will come with a huge variety of designs used by different companies around the world.

You can also see the logo of other real estate businesses in your area. The idea is to come up with something that will help you stand out even though your competitor’s logo does not let you impress too much.

Many online design companies also show larger portfolios on their websites. These portfolios sometimes include a whole section just for the Realtor logo.

You can find great inspiration by studying the logos of some of the biggest players in the real estate and property industry. They usually combine top design companies, and the business they do over the years has evolved as well. The 21st Century Logo is a great example of a very effective logo. Bold lettering, a simple outline of a ceiling and the minimal color make this logo memorable and attractive.

Color Choice

Different colors of the logo can help convey a message to the audience and light their emotions. Blue promises professionalism and reliability and is therefore popular in the real estate logo. Gold is a popular color in the industry as it is associated with quality and reputation.

You should limit the color variations to two or three to keep the design simple. The use of minimal colors makes it easier for printing. You should also remember that when faxed or photocopied, good design should look great in black and white.

Fonts style

The font you use for the word part of your logo also makes an important part of the overall impression that people can get from it. Your designer should be able to provide different types of fonts and make a recommendation.

In addition to your business name, you may also want to give a slogan for a change to your logo. This national tag line is very common in the real estate business and it may be convenient to have a version of your logo suitable for different marketing campaigns.

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