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Using the Pen Tool

Using the Pen Tool

Using the Pen Tool? Then take the post later Like any other vector graphics, the most powerful tool in Illustrator is the Pen tool. Some things need to be known if the pen tool is not used before.

An object called anchor point is used in vector graphics. If you imagine a straight line, there are two dots or anchor points on either side of the line. The path is created by adding these two points. The Illustrator Pen Tool doesn’t actually create paths, only create anchor points. When creating a rectangle using the common rectangle tool, both anchor points and paths are created.

One or more anchor points can be selected from one space to another. As a result, the path changes. There are two types of anchor points in Illustrator. The four anchor points of a rectangle are the corner anchor points. Such points are used to add two straight lines. Another type of anchor point is named Curve or Smooth Anchor Point. They are located on the same line. One can imagine another (or multiple) points between two endpoints of a line. This point has a control handle on it. It can be used to control the bending of the line. Sometimes the line or bezel is called the bezier curve and the control handle is called the bezel handle.

There is another special type of anchor point called convert anchor point. It basically has two corners at the angle of the anchor point, as well as a control handle like the smoothed anchor point. Creating new anchor points on any op in Illustrator can be done, deleting one type of anchor point into another kind of anchor point, etc. As a result, it is possible to do any kind of complex drawing. In Illustrator, there are a total of 3 tools in the space of the pencil. Their task is to create a straight pen tool, create new anchor points, delete anchor points and convert one type of point to another.

Corner anchor point made using the pen tool:

Create a new document

Select the pencil.

Create an anchor point by clicking somewhere.

Click another location to create another anchor point. A connection sap can be found at two anchor points.

Click to create another third anchor point. The anchor point will be connected with the previous line extended. Make three dots like that of a triangle and click on the first anchor point (the icon will change when you bring the pointer there). A triangle (closed set will be created).

Smooth Anchor Point Ready:

Create a new anchor point by clicking. Click and drag the mouse without releasing the mouse button. A control handle will be created. Make another point by clicking away a few times and clicking another time. Now hold down the mouse button and try to move. A control handle can be found and a straight line instead of a straight line.

Select anchor point:

Use the Direct Selection Tool to select a specific anchor point for a set.

Create a circle using the Pen tool

Of course, the pen tool is not required to create a circle, there is a square circle. However, let’s create a circle to learn how to use the pen tool. There are 3 dots in the picture, 1, 2, 3 and 4. A circle will be drawn that uses these 5 points as the anchor point. For the benefit of the work, 3 more points are named 1, 22, 3 and 4.

Select the pen tool and click 5 points. Do not leave the mouse and drag him up to 5 points. Instead of the Corner Point, the Smooth Point will be created with the control handle. While holding the drug, hold the Shift key to keep it straight. Click 2 points and drug up to 22 points. A portion of the circle can be found. Click on 5 points and drag up to 5 points.

Click on 5 points and up to 5 points. Preparing for heart attack

This circle, made up of four anchor points, can easily transform into a heart attack.

In the toolbox, select the Convert tool from the Pentile.

Click on point 1 and turn it into a corner anchor point.

Drag the point to the inside of the circle.

Change the number 1 point in the same way and bring it down. A rough heart seep can be found.

Seep can be customized using the control handle.


After using any tool, you can use it like a pencil to get it to the desired shape. Basically, this is how drawing is done in Illustrator. Moving the anchor point will change the path along with it. Also use the Convert Anchor Point tool to do whatever is needed between the smoothes, corners, etc. You can remove any single handler drug by using the Convert Anchor Point tool.

While anchor point sets are great for changing, sometimes work can be complicated due to the extra anchor points. Imported brickwork may have many more anchor points, especially from elsewhere. In the Illustrator, it is very easy to remove unnecessary items by placing the necessary anchor points.

Select the sep.

From the menu, select Object – Path – Simplify. The Simplify dialog box can be found.

Here’s how easy you want to change the value.


While working on Illustrator, using pencils can cause unnecessary clicking anywhere, creating various points, paths, etc. that are not required in the final drawing. You can eliminate them by using a simple command.

Commands from the menu Object – Path – Clean-Up

Click the OK button, leaving it unchecked.

The pen tool is a powerful tool that can be used in most software, including Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, in addition to Illustrator. On the other hand, its use requires a lot of time. Remember a general rule during practice, clicks, and drugs. Where you click, the point will be made and the drug will be left in combination with the drug.

I hope you get to know the beginners of Penn Tool very well

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