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What can you learn now from being a skilled professional in IT?

What can you learn now from being a skilled professional in IT? The dream of a better future is being built on the dream of digital Bangladesh. The current industry and employers are looking for skilled professionals in IT. And with that demand, a number of IT-related issues have become popular in the domestic and international arena. Let’s go over some things to know:

Computer graphics
Graphic design is the field of talent development for the creative mind. Many call this interesting profession computer graphics or CG graphics. The most attractive aspect of this subject is that students from any subject can easily learn to design graphics and become self-sufficient. Graphic design students can choose as a career art direction or art direction, creative direction, computer-aided architect or engineering drafter, fashion designer, package and stationery designer, book cover designer, game designer, logo designer, promotional designer, web designer. Much more Besides, as a freelancer, various international marketplaces upwork,, GraphicRiver, Satterstock, Design Cloud, DesignHill, Fiber, Behance, 3Design, Creative Market, etc. There is also a demand for graphic designers in domestic establishments. For those interested in graphic design, there is a 7-year undergraduate degree under the Faculty of Arts at the Government University. In addition, three-to-five-month and one-year graphic design diploma courses are being introduced at private universities and IT training institutes.

Big Data Science
Want to know who is the strongest in the world now? The answer is that the more information it has, the stronger it is. Do you know how much information is exchanged using the internet and social media platforms every day? According to one statistic, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day in the Internet world. In the year 2002, only the United States produced the majority of global data. In 2012, the global data volume was 2.5 gigabytes, which is a five-fold increase by 2021. Big Data provides solutions to the huge amount of data in the Internet world, how to find and use the information it needs. The three unique features of Big Data include volume, variety, and velocity. The required data can be collected from various algorithms using machine learning or NLP (Natural Language Processing). Would you like to know about a single month’s product production in a given fiscal year? It is possible to extract that information quickly with Big Data Analysis. One of the most popular things about building Big Data and present-day careers.

Software Testing
It is the responsibility of the software tester to check whether the functionality is correct before using the software, the purpose for which the software is built, whether it is being fulfilled, there is a problem with the software run. There are two types of software testing, manual and automated testing. And the process of testing involves static and dynamic testing. There are three different approaches to software testing, white box, black box, and gray box testing. There is a good demand for these professionals in the domestic and international arena.

Animation or three-dimensional form of conquest is prevalent all over the world. The animation is used for real-time depictions of advertising or film or any architectural style, architecture, building, mechanism. Animators are creating characters, visual effects and stop motion in Illustration and Software. Currently, various institutes are conducting short and long courses in animation for professional construction.

Digital Marketing
If anyone is interested in building a career in digital marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is where to start learning? At the end of the talk. It is important to know in advance what are the topics in digital marketing. Wanting to get started in a digital marketing career, it is possible to gain knowledge about all the issues, and then be able to be an expert in any of the prescribed topics In Digital Marketing you can choose Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Radio-TV Ads, mobile marketing, etc.

Social Media Marketing
Social media people take social media very seriously. This is because the product or service is promoted through different platforms of social media. Client conversion is done through post engagement without targeting the fan-followers, groups, communities. In addition to offering new clients to clients, Competitor Analysis, Social Media Ad, Campaign Strategy are all focused on social media. Many of these marketing policies are preferred because it is possible to do the marketing and branding of the highest target at a minimal cost. So social media marketing has taken the top position of choice in digital marketing. However, different plans are followed on the platform. For example, Facebook

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