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Why Learn Web Design

Why Learn Web Design? In our country, basically, people do not ask ‘what work will I learn’ or ‘what can I do’ but rather say ‘how to earn easy’ or ‘how much money will I earn by learning it’. Web design is not for those who worry about how much to earn or how to earn overnight. Although web design is actually one of the high-income occupations, if you want to keep the income in mind then I would say that web design is not for you. This kind of career in web design, graphic design or programming is really for those who want to do something creative and find themselves in their work. Since web design is not possible without coding and programming addicts and programming addicts, such work is only for those who are attracted to this task. However, the reality is that after learning, you can earn a good income from any other profession here.

What is web design? Web design means defining what a website looks like or how it looks in general. As a web designer, your job is to create a complete web site template. For example, let’s see what the layout will look like. Where the menu will be in the header, whether to have a sidebar, how to display the images and so on. Differently speaking, the web designer’s job is to determine how the information will be displayed, without having to worry about where the website information is and where it is stored. And to determine these designs, some programming, scripting languages ​​and markup languages ​​will be used.

What to learn? Web design is done using a variety of languages ​​and scripts depending on different perspectives, and in the beginning using Photoshop, it is first determined. The most commonly used of these are discussed below –

HTML: HTML is a markup language. HTML is determined by what the viewer sees in a site. It’s not a programming language, it’s much easier than any programming. It is so simple that even ordinary people who do not want to learn to program can learn HTML in the face of laughter. For example, if we want to display a paragraph, we have to write it. Here you can see our web design sample link. Thanks!

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